‘He can’t move. Father, open your eyes!’ a lonely voice soared in the silent fields of Amalpur. *** What would satisfy a human? The question has hung upon mankind all … Continue reading

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“No one is smiling anymore,” I said, adjusting my collar against the wind. An act in futility it seemed though, for the chilly winds still swept through the thickness of … Continue reading

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There are carcasses around me, Whose pants are torn, and eyes are bright, Who walk with limps, and heads held high. Silent in their steps, They pass each other. Each … Continue reading

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A Lie

O Lord, where has it fallen, I cannot see- O Lord, where has it gone, I look for it- It disappeared once, when I was deep in my sleep- forlorn, … Continue reading

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A Strange Night

It was a cold January evening, and Ramu had been without a passenger since sunset. It was chilly, and fog that prevailed in the cold air, much like in those … Continue reading

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Review of the ‘Brutal’

“In pitch darkness, Kunal Chaubey dashed through thick foliage, ignoring branches and twigs clawing into his flesh. Webs of overhanging roots keep getting in his way, lacerating his face like … Continue reading

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In the quiet morning, the sun was obscured by the floating clouds in the sky like sheets of doom, through which slight rays of hope penetrated and reached the dark … Continue reading

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