An Older Me

It’s one thirty in the night and sleep is very far away from me it seems, even a packed schedule for tomorrow is not helping me and then again it is in situations like this that I don’t get sleep. I know I have to sleep but I have been up for such a long time, it won’t hurt to stay up for some more time and brief you up.

My birthday was great, time spent with friends and people I value. Great food and a cake ordered by friends (for my face that is, could not recognize myself when I looked at the mirror). Got a lot of birthday wishes through texts and facebook, so kind of liked it. Moreover all the classes in the evening were cancelled (not for my birthday, it was a scheduled mass bunk). It’s quiet now, very quiet and that is why I got to think of something.

The journey from sixteen to the nineteenth was pretty unpredictable; as I look back I think I have changed in ways I  could have never fathomed. I am really satisfied with how life had turned out till now, a lot happier than I was earlier (but I forgot to tell you I have always felt this way). Anyways I have got a good way to be happy; I have started believing in luck, some great man said believe in luck, that’s how you define the success of people you don’t like. It’s true, believe me, gives you more peace than meditation.Anyways, last of the teenage years, a part of me wants to celebrate because I have always wanted to be an adult (as wished by any person in his childhood) and a part of me wants to enjoy more of the carefree attitude towards everything as teenagers do. But even now there is part of me haven’t changed, every time I look at the face of professors, I have a fierce desire to run away, this is of course a sign of maturity, earlier I used to have this for someone else. I have learned a lot of things in my teenage years which helped to cope with many things. I came to know that if you fail at something, just start cursing the thing or the judge because how can you be wrong, as the saying goes “Believe in your abilities” and if you win, it’s your talent ofcourse; everybody was given a fair chance (But do take care that you don’t always end up criticizing the judge). I heard the lines of a great man (I feel I have been hearing too many things) and during my teenage years I came to know the validity of the statement, it says The road less traveled by, is sometimes less traveled for a reason. At times I have tried to be different and regretted it.

I think I have said enough. I have got to sleep now; Mr.Prof is going to have a bit of problem if I stay flat on my back in his class, that’s why  I say don’t always be yourself or you will end up in trouble. Will see you soon, till then have a great time and loads full of sarcasm will be waiting for your next arrival.


4 comments on “An Older Me

  1. eliza tripathy

    older you but your thougths are so damn new …… amazng !!! as usual 🙂

    • bhaskaryya

      Glad you liked it!…….and thanks for dropping by 🙂


    Old introspection & new observation are the basic fundamentals of human perception.


    • bhaskaryya

      yea…. and new observations are exciting in a lot of ways. i guess it gives us a mature view of life and things too, i would like to think of it as a way to discover more about people around us

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