O Male Chauvinist

I don’t understand why it’s only at the dead of the night that my half witted brain starts its gears. Anyways, today I won’t be detailing you about my day, rather a very different person. I came across a person who said he doesn’t like when a girl outscores him in any field; be it sports or coolness, and in him a found the chauvinism that was slowly but surely taking a definite form.

It is often said that a great man ain’t the one who makes other feel small but the one who make others feel great, and you are one of those great men. You make me feel like a hero. You certainly are a man to study but not to follow; I won’t risk saying anyone to follow you. But you certainly are a man to be exemplified, I don’t understand how can someone be such an idiot and egoistic. It definitely takes something to reach your level of stubbornness, idiocy and ignorance.

A woman may be better educated and more witted than you are but even than you are superior, how can you be not when you are a male. I don’t blame you at all; any body with the clouded vision like you have would have the same feeling. You being a male is more important than your being a person, ain’t it? You are proud to feel like this, people who haven’t even heard of your name despise you; you are famous in a way and it certainly is a thing to be proud of. Its an accolade for you. I have seen hundreds of you, but yea there are some people whom I despise more than you, these are those people who pretend they are open minded and when time comes, they get back to their way of a chauvinism, so in a way they are you again (can’t help it if you are so adamant with your thinking). When you marry you won’t back from taking dowry, would you? But still they say they are modern and when you ask them they would justify, blah blah blah………….. I don’t have any idea what you have in yourself to get dowry. Sorry, I forgot, it’s your empty head, ain’t it?

Your existence is not something to be thought as undesirable rather necessary; it is often believed that like two sides of a coin, good exists because of evil. And you are the reason for existence of great men.  Again, if some chauvinist reads this and thinks this is all crap; I will totally understand and I am sorry if this article hurt your so called ego. May be I will appreciate your superior ability once you prove yourself something other than a fool.

I have to go now. Will see you soon then


One comment on “O Male Chauvinist

  1. siddhartha gaurav

    use of words was good but not properly formulated. regarding its always a unique one

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