Death waits to embrace me,

And in my captors eyes I could see.

Reflection of my own naked hatred,

And love concealed beneath a veil of dirt.

The cold wind now sweeps across my face,

And I feel something crawl on my neck.

As I remember our old time,

When I held you all through the night.


Vengeance, I cherished as a weapon all the way,

Used it every time to kiss my love away.

I think I have forgotten the taste of life,

Except the vague recollection of our cool December nights.

I am haunted by the silhouette of hers,

DON’T want to remember her fake tears.

I could do myself good with a sip of wine,

Though there’s nothing to whine about and I feel fine.


Dusty have my feet become,

With her hands as I took the run.

With her own lips she fed me her sweet lies,

Her incoherent whispers now as it muffles with my cries.

You took from me everything that I had,

Everything I had dreamt, you burnt it away.

You used me without a single remorse,

Till I lay soulless on my porch.


Your angel face and those beautiful green eyes,

Were they the only ones which made me fall for your lies?

I was a fool to get it all wrong,

Should have known it was a game for you all along.

Shadows of our past still remains,

Even though I can see what we had in flames.

There’s no one left whom I could blame,

Even the cold wind has ceased and left me all alone


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  1. eliza tripathy


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