We all have some moments to cherish in our lives, if we reflect upon it we will see that it had been the time when we had no expectations, we were just living. What remains are just memoirs of those smiles. When I remember my life in Vikas (the college where I did my intermediate years) what I remember most is sitting in canteen, talking with friends (cursing the food, rooms and anything we could think of) and waiting for the Sunday movie to start. It’s really what I valued and that’s what remained in my mind, smiles on those faces.

The decision (to join vikas) that I thought to be a disaster taught me things that I would never forget. Now all those who is thinking about the serious stuffs (like being human, truths of life); it’s nothing like that. It just taught me that food can get much worse than you can imagine, it taught me to value freedom (outing in a fortnight, God Forbid!).

I am deviating now, so I was talking of joy. Yesterday, I was taking an evening walk; it was a windy evening and the feeling of the wind against your face as you walk, i can hardly describe it. It really clears your mind and helps you think. Cool breeze sweeping across your face and few noises to disturb you out of your trance. Just spare some time for yourself, sit by the riverside and listen to what the water have got to tell you, walk on a silent hill road or just give the road a visit in the early morning and you will feel better than ever, complete in a way. Listen to the whispers of the nature and you won’t need a psychiatrist to help you out of your depression. Be a healer; your healer…………

The silence and the peace are two things which could never be set apart. I never told anyone to be a loner; I love to have friends and I really value them. But I am holding onto something unknown and it gives me happiness. As is often said, some things are best enjoyed in solitude. In your busy schedule, just save some time for yourself. Give it a try, next time you are alone on a cool day; close your eyes and feel the breeze against your skin and tell me how you feel,tell me if you feel like smiling.


4 comments on “HE SMILES…..

  1. siddhartha gaurav

    it feels like to smile thinking of the person whom you really love the most. not the person whom you forcefully love.

  2. bhaskaryya

    then i guess, we shud think of d person we love the most, and njoy our thought 🙂

  3. "NowWhat?"

    Could it be your waiting for your truth? Truth can be staring you in the face, but you still do not see it. You have to be open minded, honest and willing to change and see your truth for today. Yesterdays truth’s are just that. Remember today’s day, becomes tomorrow’s memories. All I know is when I had expectations, I was always disappointed. It was never the way I would do it. The day I let go and just accepted what is, I had balance and harmony in my life. There is a difference of being alone and being lonely. If your lonely get involved with something going on that interest’s you. “NOW WHAT?” loves your picture. Did you take it, and where is it? It certainly put a smile on my face by all the memories that came back to mind that brought me utter joy. Thank you,
    “NOW WHAT?”

  4. bhaskaryya

    Certainly, expectations complicate things, most of the time it disappoints you. And I guess you are right, accepting things is the best way to be contented. By the way, I didn’t take the picture, I found it in Google, the first time I saw the picture my reaction was “wow!”, takes you to a different world. Looks like paradise 🙂

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