The poem is about an American soldier. It’s about how he feels just the night before he is to leave his love for the war againstIraq.

Holding your hands the night before I left

Didn’t have the heart to tell you what I felt

Dim are the chances of me returning from war, I fear

I feel this is our last time together here

Tonight, seeing your face I dare not let you go

I fear I have to break the promises I made long ago

I’ll miss thy smile and the smell of thy hair

And I’ll relive every moment we have spent together

Desperate that I am to be at your side

But you have to be strong for me and move on through the tide

Merely hearing your voice now would tear me apart

As I leave you I feel someone stabbing at my heart

Hearing your slow breath and watching you sleep at peace

Knowing that this is our last time together, I hear something break within me

Letting the tears flow, unbearable has become the pain

Without waking her up I move out in the rain

When she wouldn’t find me I know she would cry

Finally she would understand I didn’t have the heart to say the final goodbye

At the plane, I couldn’t help but weep at our grim fate

Mindlessly I keep staring at thy photograph in my hands


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