The Strange Case of Sally: Best of Sarcasm in the meanest of ways

I had a friend named Sally. She was a beautiful girl, who lived just half a mile away from my house. We had been in the same class since kindergarten and had been friends for a long time, but there were some things in her that I never understood.


Once, I was just having a stroll with her when her classmate came from the other side of the road just to greet her. “Hey, where are you going?”

“Having a stroll. You had a haircut?”

“Yea, do you like it” her friend asked her hopefully

“Apparently, I just asked it because I wanted to make sure that I don’t visit that saloon” Of course he could have said nothing in front of me. He just blushed.



Another time we were having a discussion. We had a cultural fest at school and Sally happened to be our house captain. We were having a discussion on the costume for dance competition.John, our vice captain said, “I think black would suit better” he said after giving it a fair bit of thought

“Purple would be best” Sally said disregarding what he had said. The hurt look was clearly written on his face.

When for a moment nobody talked and she knew she offended him. She apologized, “I am so sorry. But did you really think I would heed your opinion”



On April fool day, we were planning a prank for a friend.

“Keep quiet or it will be spoilt”

Each one of us nodded. Cathy said, “Don’t worry. I can play dumb”

“Don’t bother. Just be yourself” her cheeks matched her red cheeks.

Some days later I saw Kate, sitting under the tree. She was in a good mood and it was evident from her face.

Sally asked her, “Hey, what are you doing here alone?”

“My boy friend left me. There’s a hole in me now” She acted dramatically. I smiled.

“you are mistaken, I see it in your head” and then she was gone leaving Kate to wonder if she was kidding.



One day I wanted to check on her; if she understood what they felt when she made such careless remarks. We were going home after school, I kept unusually quiet that day.

Finally after sometime she asked, “Why do you talk so less?”

“Because I like to talk with someone who makes sense”

“Go to hell” she said

“I can’t” I said promptly

“Why? What problems have you got now?”

“Because I can’t be anywhere near you”

And there I saw, I have heard of only people blushing; never in my whole life had I heard of stones.

P.S: Just a work of fiction. I hope that no Sallys are hurt by it


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