A whole village was wiped out in the war. Some say that all of them were dead, but there are some who say that they still see them, hear their whispers when they pass by the road. Some say they are still alive 



I walk down a street so familiar then,

But now when I turn around to look at them.

I feel faces of the dead staring back at me,

Urging me to see the terror that nobody could see.

It was here that the whole city lived,

The place where the children smiled.

But dark clouds hover over them now,

Seldom someone dare to visit them now.

Saying is that no one who visited them,

Ever lived to say what it was like then.

It’s the street that nobody talks about,

It’s the dead that nobody wants to know the whereabouts.

But looking at the mortals they laugh aloud,

A laugh that chilled anyone who has heard it out.

Now I feel I have been wrong to have dared to come,

The chillness here has kept me mum.



I was wondering on the lonely streets,

when I heard some movements among the trees.

I stood frozen at my place,

But they had better plans in their dead brains.

The night crept in, I don’t know when,

I was out of my wits to notice it then.

Deads circled me with maze at the centre,

In the middle of which I stood.

They kept whispering in my ears

story of their unshed tears.

I was prepared for the pain they roamed,

But in the blink of an eye they were gone.

Satanic verses still fresh in my mind,

Their dark faces lost somewhere in the wild.

But I didn’t live long to tell that, for now I’m one of them, filled with wrath,

Remember me saying “nobody ever comes to the boulevard of death”.


One comment on “BOULEVARD OF DEATH

  1. Fuck that trash

    The gods positioned this global situation with a telepathic audience in the hundreds of millions to create the appearance/perception of an evil/wicked diety, thereby corrupting those unable to deceipher the clues and understand their true intent. This has effectively created a division between those with hope and The Damned, sentenced to dig a hole for themselves they may never recover from as they fall for temptation the gods test them with.

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