A late night thought

I have spent a good deal of time yesterday night thinking about something. It’s not that I am suffering from insomnia or anything of that sort; it’s just that I like to think when I’m in bed and sleep’s not coming to me; effective use of time as I like to describe it (always have some intelligent answers ready for some hopeless situations). Anyways, when you live in a hostel for long then even a minute of silence hits you as something awkward. That’s what happens with me; I think. What am I doing, everytime I want to say something I go into some entirely irrelevant topic. No more deviations from now on, you can count on me at that.

So, I was saying that I got to think of something. I realized how delicate the situation of our life is. Let us think of a situation, suppose I get divorced; then I surely would feel very bad. I wouldn’t feel like doing anything; even if I know that this is not going to help. I would feel guilty and I would worry. Let us think of something else; if there’s a situation and l cannot do anything related to it. But I would still worry about it if it’s connected to me in some way. What I am trying to say is that we worry about things which are way out of control.

WHAT IF we don’t do a thing, the same result would fall on or doorsteps. Why do then people seem so tensed and worried about situations? Has it got to do something with the way we are made? Well, you can’t expect me to answer that (I am just good at raising questions). But if I have to come up with any answer; I would say that it’s because we fear; fear of losing what we value. We are humans and there’s nothing wrong with feeling human, and I think being human also includes worrying. People say we shouldn’t worry about anything; just be yourself. But they forget that being me would mean putting myself behind the bars. And worrying about things we value is an integral part of our life, reminding us that how much they mean to us. It seems absurd when people strive so much to be happy; some even paying a lot to attain it to organizations who are more intent on the money than the person from whom they were getting it. But what would we know of happiness if we would never have experienced grief. What would we know of rising when we never had a fall? For once stop thinking about making your life perfect by erasing everything; just give life a chance to take it’s course. Experience everything: love, heartbreak, failure and success. For we can appreciate the best only when we have experienced the worst. Be life just as it is; it may not be perfect but then again I seldom like anything perfect


6 comments on “A late night thought

  1. Mira Jay

    When I read Churchill’s words few years ago;I couldn’t get his point, but as time passes, I can say that that’s wise enough: “I never worry about action, but only inaction.”
    Life’s perfect in its downs&ups; all we’ve to do; is to learn joyfully..
    Enjoy it & as Martin Luther says:”pray & let God worry” 🙂

    • bhaskaryya

      so true, life has been made such that we get to experience everything. Even cutting off a part would mean missing something.
      and thanks for the visit 🙂

  2. loopyloo305

    All of life changes us, tempers us like a fine steel sword, finishing us!
    Great post and God bless you!

    • bhaskaryya

      Thank you so much. And yea, you are right in saying so. Life changes us in ways we can never imagine, but it’s necessary

  3. dawn

    perfect is boring and usually fake anyway, I am flawed, but it’s my flaws that make up part of who I am.You are so right….experience EVERYTHING and to it’s fullest extent because there’s always going to be good times and bad times, and everything in between is just…life.

    • bhaskaryya

      i am glad that you could relate to what I feel
      And thanks for the visit 🙂

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