Diary of an old man

“I am an old man now, filled with regrets. Waiting to die alone”



I know how it will end,

Not the way it had began.

There would neither be tears nor memories,

Besides me would lay my unread diaries.

I am not afraid, I am strong

That’s what everyone thought all along.

No one ever saw the hollowness inside me

As if I was alone sailing on a silent sea.



There is no one who would cry on my death bed

No one would ever be sad

There would be no one to kiss my dead fingers

On my grave there would be no one who would choose to linger

Some say it always ends like this

In silence and misery

But I know the day

Silence is the one with whom I would lay



7 comments on “Diary of an old man

  1. sriram

    mast hai yarr !!!
    bole to jhakaas !!
    waiting for next one …..

    • bhaskaryya

      thanks for your kind words. I will be posting others soon enough

  2. Muthe

    When I read this poem, I think of what I want when I am dying. I want to be left alone and enjoy the silence during my last minutes.

  3. bhaskaryya

    Well, silence is certainly needed at times. I don’t mind silence, but i guess it would be better to have my loved ones by my side when I die

  4. Mira Jay

    Embracing immortal silence:'(

  5. vishal

    great……………just great

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