A repentant soul

Today, I am not going to talk about my views (Okay, maybe a little). The thing is, as I glanced at the newspaper today, something rather unusual caught my eye. It is not everyday that you find a kid apologizing to her parents for being defiant. She is fifteen or something like that; she has left her parents to live with her granddad because she thought that it would give her a great deal of freedom. She thought her parents were not cool; who were just a bunch of oldies who tried to curb her freedom. She has been on drugs for quiet a while and it was sometime back when she realized that she had been wrong. She has apologized to her parents but they wouldn’t take her back. She fears it’s too late.


First of all, it takes a great deal of courage to accept your mistake and then apologize. It’s better late then never. Teenage years are years when these things happen; not to all but yea to most of us. This story is just a bit extreme of the other ordinary ones. There’s always a mist in front of them that urges them to believe in the impossible. There’s no denying that it is also the age where they are more creative, not afraid to take risks. The possibilities are enormous. If you ask any random teenager about their dreams and what their plans are; you can see their eyes sparkling when they speak and the aims would be wonderful. But many of them don’t get to reach those dreams.

There are some beautiful lines-

It’s never late to shoot for the stars, regardless of who you are


Everything starts small, parents need to believe in their dreams and respect what they aspire to become. They may not be successful, but they atleast wouldn’t feel guilty that they didn’t try.

They might be a bit more conscious about what they wear, let them be. For I think you will be putting a seed of rebellion in them if you tell them not to wear something, though it may seem offending to you. Then again there is nothing wrong with wearing what they feel comfortable with. I am not saying to turn a blind eye to everything they do, just be a bit more receptive. I mean to say it’s not always the kids, there are some things for which they feel very strongly than parents may imagine, so why not respect what they value. Teenage are not easy years, everything they go through  may seem lame to you but they hold a very important position in their life.

Be their friends, smile when they say something good, hold them while they cry and be there when they call out for you. I bet they will share everything, even small things and more importantly, they will love you


9 comments on “A repentant soul

  1. Readers Cafe

    Hey a very nice article which sounds realistic. Interesting points made about teens!!!

    • bhaskaryya

      thank you, i think they are misunderstood most of the times. So when I read the article today decided to write about them

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  3. rayannsom

    Hey! you seem very bright and have a lot of words worth typing… I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Enjoy 🙂

  4. bhaskaryya

    Thanks a lot……glad you liked it

  5. sriram

    awsome !!

  6. bhaskaryya

    thanks 🙂

  7. Saphira

    this is a great article and i believe you have alot to say and you have only just started. you are a great writer.

    • bhaskaryya

      thank you so much….i am glad you feel that way

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