Just as it always was

Nothing has changed

Whenever I talk to someone a bit older, they would talk of their time as if it was some golden era and that it had come to something worse. They would say people haven’t got time for themselves now, they were kinder then. When they would say this I would nod, it would be rude if I argued.

But when I sit and think about it, I am pretty sure I don’t agree. Now, if I talk of kindness I would be very wrong if I say that people have changed in this respect. Imagine you are on a train and there are no seats left. Then if an old man comes I am sure you would get up and let him sit, small act of kindness it is. I could throw a thousand more examples. That’s not the point; the point is people still care and they are kind. In a way I feel today young generations are more incorporated with these values. Just because some are inconsiderate, we cannot blame the whole generation for it.

Now talking of advancements, if we go back a few decades’ people had no cell phones and they complained. Scientists strived hard and invented it, they complain because now they think people have no time from these gadgets. That’s how humans are (me included); we used to complain because we didn’t have it and now we complain because we have it. Awesome!!

I don’t mean to completely disregard the effects with all the internet and social networking sites; you could easily escape into a virtual world. But it would be a personal choice. If you want there could be perfect balance: between your job and your family.

Everything is just the way it was. We never changed. We just need to blend in with the progress. In our lives, there’s plenty of time for everything. We just need to use it wise and we would soon find ourselves connecting with nature, laughing with our families and doing what we love. For seldom it depends on how or what the world really is, it’s always going to remain the same. It always is our perception.

The Better we think it is, the better it gets 


3 comments on “Just as it always was

  1. munteng

    i agree. the essence of life is still there, it’s just in different forms that’s all.

    • bhaskaryya

      Yea, and I don’t thnk it’s ever going to change. As you said, it will just be present in some other forms.
      And thanks for dropping by 🙂

      • munteng

        a pleasure. 🙂

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