PARADISE….blessed with a curse

Paradise is all I sought,

 And paradise I got.

Lost everything that had meant to me,

 Wonder where I got lost.


This is the paradise

 That I had dreamed of,

 Stripped of all the desires

 And the person I love

This is an excerpt from a song that I wrote recently. There were many things going on my mind when I wrote this. It wasn’t a mere coincidence that the idea cropped into my head. I have known men, who are rather old now, who had worked hard all through their life, making money and working in the office. Their life seems to revolve between their office and clients. They have friends but they are more of mates in the office. And as I look into their faces I see regret, not because they had worked hard but because they had forgotten to live in the way. They now find that it’s too late to enjoy the things that they had kept for tomorrow thinking that we would have our time.

I feel bad when I realize that it’s too late for them to get back what they have lost. You know, we are always told to work hard, but I say don’t risk working too hard. If we don’t take care we might soon find ourselves with a lot of success but no one to share them with. When these people look back upon their lives, they see nothing. Everything they had loved, they had avoided it thinking of it as a distraction, only to realize later that’s what they really want. They are now just left with a desire, a desire start all over again.

I have seen the regret in their eyes. When we are young, our job and career seems to matter a lot but I am sure there would come a time when all we had worked for would seem vague and we would like getting away from it. I mean life ain’t about just working, beauty lies in living it. What life would it be if we couldn’t find a single person to love in the whole world? How vague would our whole life seem if we have a lot of property and none to inherit it? Success and all those stuff matters only when we have someone to share it with. You know what you are capable of, don’t push yourself for success more than your ability or you will forget all the things for which you are working so hard. For ten years hence, we will never remember how we worked our whole day in the office, rather the crazy things we did along.



3 comments on “PARADISE….blessed with a curse

  1. ram0ram

    Reblogged this on ram0ram note book.

  2. skcblogs

    Excellent message…don’t risk working too hard, but remember that beauty lies in living life!

  3. bhaskaryya

    I am glad that you agree with it. We certainly need something to shake us out of this workaholic nature (for most of us)
    And thanks for the visit 🙂

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