Analysis of the “Mysterious” Human Brain

Human brain is one thing that has always intrigued me. No one knows what goes on other person’s mind and that adds to the excitement, just think how well you would be if you were to know what lies inside a woman’s head. You would be a hero. Anyways, I am not going to write about all the stuffs like “What do women want?” which has taken loads of movies and books, yet no one seems to know for sure. Sometimes I think even women don’t know what they really want. Anyways, I am here to do a much easier task than understand women, let’s see the traits and analyze the human brain. Yea, you got me right, the human brain……



No matter what you are: a doctor, secretary, a football player or a freaking movie star, I am sure you have felt this in one way or the other. Your brain always thinks that you are in the best situation now. Let me give you an example, when you are in a relationship you think that this is the best thing that has happened to you. You come up with great lines to prove that. After a break up, it would be the same you with a coffee mug sitting on the same couch that once you shared with your ex and now you would be thinking, “WHAT DID I EVER SEE IN THAT BITCH? IT’S GOOD THAT I GOT OUT OF THAT MESS” This is what would happen unless your life is like a movie, where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant would hug each other and then what do you expect, HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Oh God! I want to bang my head on a wall…..


The brain of men and women are obsessed with one basic quality: it thinks that it’s always right. I don’t understand from where did the arrogance came to that peanut sized organ (okay, maybe a bit larger than a peanut). We think we are never at fault, we cannot be wrong. If we cut our finger on a knife, it won’t be our fault. It was the freaking knife that slipped of course.

Now, let me ask you a simple question? Do you know what the ideal speed is when you are driving on a free road? I think you know the answer; it’s the speed at which you are driving. It’s clearly evident that your brain thinks it so. Because, when you overtake a car, your brain thinks, “WHY IS THE MORON DRIVING IT LIKE A BULLOCK CART?” and when a car whizzes by us we think, “THAT CRAZY MAN WANTS TO DIE”

So, the brain is always right, no matter what.


Human brain is so damn clever. It’s total crap when people say I control it. My friend, it just allows you to have the satisfaction. If you had a bad day, no matter how much you try to forget things, the brain would throw one image after another till you feel like shit. Brain sees only what it wants to see.

 If you are sitting in a room and you have a speech, you would be intent on remembering everything. When you hear other people you would think, why are they so nervous? Your brain would allow you to recall everything till the last-minute and right when you stand on the stage, your brain would scream “I AM NOT GONNA MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU BABY”. You would stammer and say anything that comes to your mind. After a few minutes, you would come back and sit, embarrassed and think “I could have done better”. I think; your brain chuckles at that time and says “YOU BET”.


You know, people always say, “Listen to your heart” They are so correct, because if you listen to your brain you would be so damned. When you see an intelligent person, you say he has good brains. I think you should rephrase that part. You should rather say that he has got a WELL TAMED brain. Better keep the shackles on your brain or you might find yourself in some real trouble.

The human brain looks rather interesting and stupid. That’s what makes the humans so different. They use their brains while animals don’t. That’s why the animals are happy with a bite of food and we are crying even after getting food, limbs and mates. Our brain is a freaking liar, so if you want to be happy then NEVER EVER USE YOUR BRAIN!!!!


6 comments on “Analysis of the “Mysterious” Human Brain

  1. idiotprufs

    I’m already barely using my brain, but I think I can try harder to use it less.

  2. bhaskaryya

    I am sure the try will be worth it 🙂
    Thanks for the comment


    super work bro…..plz always keep ur pen down……

    • bhaskaryya

      I intend to do that 🙂
      Thanks for commenting

  4. Charron's Chatter

    Spiritual advisor Eckhart Tolle says he’s learned some of the greatest lessons about Zen by watching a cat. It’s lack of self-awareness, specifically. Spot on observation, Bhaskaryya, and well-written, besides. 🙂

  5. bhaskaryya

    Eckhart Tolle’s works certainly teach us a lot of things. “The Power of Now” for instance is such a great read, I totally loved it.
    And thanks for the comment 🙂

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