Aliens: My Paycheck

Some factors affect our lives though they might not even exist. With the vastness of the universe there comes an immense possibility, possibility that there is some remote corner of the world where creatures just like us may be present. I don’t know whether they exist or not but one thing that I am sure of is that their very concept is going to affect us all the time, though we may not like it. I sometimes imagine what their reaction will be when aliens (if they exist) come to know that they or rather the idea that they exist is a paycheck to many directors and writers. I wonder if they will ask for a royalty share from them.



We have no idea how they would look like or even have the remotest hint of how they will behave. Scientists have worked on these matters for years but they had few successes. And that’s where creativity comes in, movie directors and writers come to their rescue. They thought they would come up with some legendary ideas to guide the scientists. But unfortunately even their service fell short. We now have some small options though. Will they be like the one in Scary movie where they piss with their index fingers and hit the other people on their crotch to say goodbye or would they be like the one in “Doomsday Conspiracy” where if you cut their body parts they grow again. Shit! What would that be like? Now, as I write of the unknown creature I wonder if they are sitting in some remote corner of the universe and imagining what I would be like. I just hope that they remain a bit modest with their imagination.


 If they show up here on earth, I am sure they would not like it to be the sung villains of the whole civilization. It’s not our fault of course. It was not us but Jonathan Liebesman who made Aaron Eckhart and other soldiers (World Invasion) run for their lives in the whole movie and showed the alien like some eight feet tall creepy shit. Seriously, if they see the movies they would be surprised to know that they had tried to invade the world so many times. I think for the first few minutes they would be imagining who those creepy creatures really are? I wonder if they will get mad at the director for making them look so ugly. Honestly, I would not like it if I land on a planet and find people pointing guns at me just because they think I’m creepy.



If they do not exist then we would not be affected at all. The movie directors and writers would keep coming with great ideas and make million dollar movies and we would relish those. NASA would continue to search for something that doesn’t exist. Everything would go on as usual. People would sometimes see something bit unusual in the sky and shout at the top of their voices, “UFO, UFO” the matter would be hot for some days but eventually would fade away, just like the love scandal of Politicians.

The popularity of the aliens has increased in the recent years and I think they will be able to enjoy the celebrity status for quite a time now. My friend’s brother even had a lesson in his textbook about aliens. I am sure the time is not far behind when we would rather read the love stories of a human and an alien.

Oops! I forgot it has already been done by James Cameron in “Avatar”. My bad!!


2 comments on “Aliens: My Paycheck

  1. Mira Jay

    They do exist:)
    Otherwise it’d be a waste of space to have only human race..

    • bhaskaryya

      I hope that we come to know more about them in my life time, It would be so interesting

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