I’m a Curious Rebel

So, here I am, witnessing another rainy day. It’s becoming a habit to witness it now, it rained yesterday and it has been raining each day since the past week. It just drizzled but never heavy, like somebody up there is peeing at regular intervals 🙂

That’s how I describe the drizzle. A lame way, but you have to agree that it is a very practical idea (and disgusting too….peeing on our heads. Gosh!).

Sorry! No more talks on peeing, I mean raining.

You know, we humans are curious beings. I wish we were just curious, but there is more for us. We are determined law breakers; it doesn’t matter whether we are an adult or a kid. There is a potential rebel in each of us.

Do you remember your childhood? If you do, I am sure you remember someone not asking you to do something and your hands itching to do the exact thing that the other person forbade you to do. It happens with everyone.

 We could see the examples in our life everyday. Do you know where the car speeds the most? The cars would  speed the most where it would be written in big bold letters, “SLOW DOWN, SCHOOL AHEAD”; cars would be speeding past school kids as if they were not students but some giant ping-pong balls.

These are one of the zillion examples that I could throw at you to prove my statement. There are examples in each sphere of our life. We can see teenagers pissing off their parents each day the next door. As is the case with cigarettes, because I think the reason that people get addicted to cigarettes is because of other adults. Since childhood parents keep saying, “Never take cigarettes, they are very harmful”. And when these kids reach teenage, they are like, “My parents forbade me to have cigarettes, so I must have one. If they hate it so much then it should taste good”.

But in my opinion, this is not just a teenage thing, our rebellious and curious nature I mean. It’s not a secret that men get attracted to women who seem mysterious to them, and vice versa. Why? The answer is curiosity. But one thing that I have always wondered is what happens of the marriage or the relationship once the mystery becomes a solved mystery.

Anyways, what I mean to say is that we are biologically programmed this way, and no one could possibly be an exception to this. There is no dilemma in this. It’s a very human thing.

The more we are deprived of something (no matter how useless the thing is), the more we crave for it. The minute we think we will be on a diet, we start craving for food. The more we think we will avoid something from now, the more opportunities would present before you, as if teasing you to try that thing. We would resist it for sometime but after a while we would think, “This is my last time” and on we go. We cannot help it; as we cannot help not to take a peek at something that tries to hide from us.

Honestly, if I were standing on a place with million doors. I would be dying to enter just one door, the door where it’s written “DONOT ENTER”


2 comments on “I’m a Curious Rebel

  1. Margarita

    So perhaps one way to approach this conundrum is not to forbid exploration, but to encourage it and to participate in it jointly, be co-conspirators in the discoveries?

  2. bhaskaryya

    Yea, that is definitely an option for the curiosity part, and a good one too. And about the law breaking part, I don’t think we can keep ourselves from breaking the law, be in school, college or in an office. But its good in a way, as someone great said (That’s what I say when I forget the name, never mind), “If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun”

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