Try not to die tonight

I remember last night, I slept with dreams,

Visions of waking up, in another perfect tomorrow.

Forever I have waited, but so it seems

I am destined to row in an ocean of sorrow.

What I never fathomed now lies in front of me,

A narrow road of pain and vast plains of nothingness.

I look around and wonder what I would see,

Sadly, I witness nothing but stretch of darkness.


I know that someday it would all end,

Through all the pain and misery, there would come out a way.

And for that now, I fight with all my might.

All I need is to make it through the night.

So I lay my hand on my heart and say,

Brave heart! Just  try not to die tonight


4 comments on “Try not to die tonight

  1. Catie Eliza

    Oh it sounds so beautiful… your way with words made me smile and breathe deep. :] xx

    • bhaskaryya

      I am glad that you liked it, and I read a poem of yours some days back “Secret Garden”. It was beautiful

  2. k32inpebelvie1986

    Reblogged this on Dawn Pearson Posts.

  3. sidhuucy

    wonderful flow of feelings..

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