Things go wrong

Things don’t always turn out as we expect them to, sometimes they turn out better” these are the words of Danielle Steel in one of her novels. It’s not that I don’t agree with it, it’s the other part that I am concerned with. Sometimes things can go wrong like its crazy.

I have been hearing a lot of things lately. Each one of us at some point of time has come across this, the time when we are proposing. I heard about a guy who decided to propose in a unique way. He told the waiter to keep the ring in her wine glass. She didn’t happen to notice and gulped down the ring along with the wine. That’s what I mean when I say things can go wrong. The poor guy who had been expecting an answer had to take his girlfriend to a hospital. I don’t know what answer he got, I can only imagine.

Or the situation may be like in the movie, “What happens in Vegas?” where Diaz throws a surprise party for her boyfriend, tells all her friends to hide in the room and right when she moves out to receive him outside the room she gets dumped. Well, that would be pretty embarrassing.

I agree that it would take an awful number of coincidences for all this to take place.

But each time I look at movies strange things happen all the time. I haven’t got anything against movies, but I just don’t understand why every movie has to be so mushy? They hug or they make out and it seems that they have got the whole world. I mean to say that during the whole movie they would fight like curs and they realize at the last five minutes that they were made for each other. END OF MOVIE. Perfect! What can I say to something like that?

But I really appreciate the creativity of the directors. Nowadays they are coming up with new things. Movie within a movie, that’s how they do it. At the start of the movie the actor would be like “This love etc. only happen in movies” and on they go only to realize at the end that love is real. They are so innovative that they make new shit out of old shit, and it’s at the end that we realize it that it’s the same old shit, after spending our money.


I don’t despise movies, really! I watch one or two every week, that’s how we are made. We curse but go to see the same thing. I am sure that it’s not just me. I have heard people who say that they hate technology, that technology had degraded the lifestyle of the modern humans. They say we should rather connect with nature and leave all these things aside. But the moment the electricity goes, it would be them who would be shouting at the top of their voices, “What happened to the goddamned AC?”

So, I am not going to stop watching movies and I would say you not to take what I say about movies as my hate for them.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter even if you take it as hate because once a writer said, “Hate is nothing but love gone bad.”

I don’t know if it applies for movies. But if the quote is for relationships, it must apply to almost anything.



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