a war within us

It disgusts me to open my eyes and see,

Is it their ignorance that irks me?

Mankind’s been at war since it thrived,

For the unknown blood has always been shed.

Sons have been killed and mothers cried

while it is our own brother that stains the city in red.

What can I say about the war that has been on?

Cries that fell on deaf ears of the orphaned sons.

For their pride they went on killing,

not wanting to even think of the evil they were doing.

Mercy forgotten, for glory lives were lost,

heroes were those with bloodied hands

and for rusted honor they fought,

dying to proclaim themselves as kings of the blood wretched lands.

What can I say about those heroes

who fought like a tiger only to fall like the weed?

What can I say of those heroes,

heroes, whose hand reek of blood?

It makes me retch, I walk away,

searching for that deep drowned wish

where children of tomorrow would dream away

of a shaded future bathed in hope’s ray.


2 comments on “a war within us

  1. Rigel Ordinario

    Such a powerful poem and message. It is really sad that the world had to come to this, but there is hope. There’s always hope. It’s all a matter of making it happen.

    • bhaskaryya

      Yea, there’s hope. Though we are moving at a low pace, I still can feel the shade of evil killings slowly getting away from us. Many lives were lost because of these senseless killings in the past few centuries, but the lessons are finally getting registered in our minds now

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