Your enemy

Kill me if you must

or I will take leave.

Slice me through the heart

but remember what you always believe.

You have forgotten me it seems,

after all these years we meet.

But how could you have forgotten me,

Your favorite enemy.

Remember! in our young days we fought

wanting to tear each other’s lives.

No peace it brought

and now I regret the lost times.

I am now old and a dead leaf I am,

All I ask is a favor,

Forgive me if you can.

And let me get rid of this guilt and remorse.

Sad though my story may seem,

But it’s me who has chosen this.

Selfish that I am, and sins I have done

And now when I look around I find no one.

That’s why I came to thee,

Forgive me for the wrongs I have done,

But how can anyone forgive me?

Their long lost enemy.


4 comments on “Your enemy

  1. dawn

    wow, that’s amazing, really deep and meaningful, beautiful

  2. rproy

    Very Well said…….I did write a few lines on Forgiveness, which can be read at….

    • bhaskaryya

      I went through it……..great lines, I must say

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