The FIRST…….

There has almost been no activity in my whole day today, and I am glad for that. I am too tired to even put some decent clothes and go to a restaurant or even for a stroll. Come to think of how to spend the time, I might watch an old movie or something, things that I have watched over million times yet never had the heart to delete from my beloved collection.

Anyways, I have been asked some questions over and over again. If you think it’s a lot of women asking me if I’m single then I am flattered, but I am not talking of that. I like to read novels and my friends sometimes ask, “What is my first novel?” That’s not the matter; the matter is that they expect me to answer how I find that novel and what the story was all about. It’s inhumanly for someone to remember it for this long; my memory isn’t something I boast of. I tried one or two times though but the boasting was shredded to pieces in a minute. I can scarcely remember what the professor taught me in the last class.
By the way, my first novel was “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. I don’t remember anything significant about it except that it was thin book with a green cover (I even forgot the author name, I googled it) and that it took a whole week to complete that book. The story was about four sisters and I remember the name of just one, Elizabeth. Every other bit of information is gone, no trace. Then again you cannot really expect me to remember it; it has been almost a decade back when I came across that book. Some more classics followed that book. One was “The Trumpet” and the next one had some wolves or something in the title. Don’t remember it.

To be honest with you, I don’t remember the name of the first movie I watched. I have tried hard to remember, but nobody asks this question so I let the matter go.

The first book always holds a special place in one’s life. I am thinking of reading “Little women” once again. I am sure it would be a lot of fun. I had it in my home, but it would be very hard to get hold of that.
The clock ticks now as I write this, and the room’s very silent. It’s almost 11o’clock now and I need to get some good sleep (after watching the movie that is). The weather’s is really nice outside, cool and comfortable, so that won’t be a problem.

For those souls welcoming the sun now, a very good morning but I really need to sleep 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂


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