Men, Women and Relationships….

Talking of relationships, the first thing that comes to mind is of the different philosophies of men and women. Relationships mean different things to both of them. But we can’t really generalize all of it.

I read it somewhere, “the more beautiful the women are, the more insecure they feel”. Very true, all they want is to be loved for who they really are rather than for their looks. Now, when I look at these things I wonder about men, is it that the more tough a man projects himself to be the more sensitive he is. I think so.

Men are hard-wired differently. Since childhood they are taught to be tough and not show many emotions. As they grow they learn to live keeping things to themselves, frustrated at times for leaving who they really are. I am not telling that men are emotionless bastards; I am just saying that they learn to choke back tears as they grow up while women I must say is better in expressing their emotions.

In relationships, I wonder what women want. They want their boy-friends to listen to what they have got to say and be sensitive to their needs, and on the other hand they want men to be a rock for them. Two extreme emotions they want from men. What I don’t understand is what women think of men, men are not fucking gymnast to perform so flexibly for them?

Now, if I ask what men want in a relationship, I know that the most common answer I would get from women is sex. I was in a club last year when a girl was asked to give a speech on boys. And the first thing she said is, “They stare at us all the time, I think it’s really bad.” If you believe that then I am sorry, but you must have slept with a pervert to generalize such a thing. Is it a crime to be attracted to someone? I mean, yea! Sex is a part of a relationship, ain’t it? Both parties want it. But it is always men who end up being the victim of called a sex craving being. Such a disappointing thought!

Everyone’s need is the same, TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. It’s as simple as that and men are no different, though they try to project some things different it is their freaking insecurity that speaks. Though I know it might be better if men learn how to express themselves and let the wall of insecurity fall. They might need some help here, I agree that men are idiots in this case. Most of us, anyways.


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