Things that make my day bad

Some months back I thought of learning to play an instrument, I thought drums would be best for me. And as any amateur, I was desperate to know how much time this shit would take, since my vacation was two months long. The net connection was very slow that day, and when I typed those words on Google, the webpage took million minutes to open. I went where someone asked the same question.  I clicked the option and waited for another ten minutes for the page to open, courtesy to the goddamned connection. And Guess what I found, there was just one answer where it was written, “Life-long.  I have been playing for ten years and I am still learning”. I felt like dumping my lapi on his head. Such a corny answer. I mean, yea, it is a lifelong process, but who the fuck doesn’t know that, I just hope that people come up with some useful answers, rather than wasting both of our time. I really feel like shit when I am desperate to find something and end up getting a lesson that learning is a fucking lifelong process.

There’s more to make my day bad, when I created my account on Facebook, I was an addict for a week. Slowly, the effect started to wear off, now I feel sick about some things that go on Facebook. I open my account sometimes and guess what welcomes me. CHEESY, MUSHY LOVE QUOTES. Wow! What has the earth come to? Seriously, why do people express love on Facebook, I don’t understand that? If it would have been possible, they would be having sex on their walls.

And then again there’s the sentimental part, people on Facebook telling the whole world how low they feel. To me it looks like a disaster, I mean what’s the need; tell it to someone who really cares, not to everyone who pretends to. Because, if you give this kind of post, nobody’s going to say “fuck that”. But their silence will mean that.

I can go on and add what makes my day bad, but I think I will stop. Don’t want to go on and offend any more people. If you are offended, please give a thought about what I have said. I am sure you will understand what I want to say. If you don’t understand, then think some more.

Have a great day 🙂


2 comments on “Things that make my day bad

  1. Doris

    I do not like facebook

  2. bhaskaryya

    Honestly, it’s a relief for me to know that….the world around is going crazier and crazier, the reason beats me

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