Hello everyone,

At my end things have been going on very smooth. I completed “The Kite Runner” yesterday, a wonderful story indeed, beautifully written. “Runaway Jury” will take some more time though, it gets pretty hectic in between the classes. Then again I have expected this when I came here, I knew that we have to work a lot in mechanical engineering.

Anyways, on the good part as I said before I have completed the final draft of the thriller I was writing. Here’s the plot. The thing is that, I am dueling on what title I should give( that justifies the title I guess 🙂 )


The story is about a woman, Aditi Preston, living in Mumbai. She has a life any woman would die for. With a caring husband, good job and a sister she loved, her life is perfect. But it doesn’t last long. All it takes is an accident, her husband John dies in a car accident. Her best friend Kate commits suicide when she hears that her fiancée also died along with John in the car accident. All the remains of her past life lay in front of Aditi. But soon she finds out that this is just the beginning of the nightmare. In her office she receives a letter that says someone killed John, it wasn’t an accident. The same day she receives the letter someone tries to abduct her too, but she escapes.

Andy Russell, an inspector smells something fishy going on when he reads the case. He looks into the matter only to find things that lay hidden beneath layers of corpses, people who have been sacrificed for the cause. Soon he discovers that he is caught in the middle of a game, a game of powerful people who would do anything to get things on their side. He tries to meet Aditi but she moves on the road, not feeling safe in her own home, powerful people reaching for her throat. The search leads Andy to the Pool Corporation, the place where it all started. Andy moves on and discovers what lay beneath the layers and finds a truth that violated mankind. Andy realizes that he just isn’t trying to save Aditi now, but a lot of people who are unaware of monster who has been trying to pull them under water.

The story is about power, greed and vengeance, and the extent to which people go to have the things that they want. Past and present are always well intertwined together, even if we try to forget it, it may be anytime that the monster revives and disrupts the oblivion in which we are living.

So, this is the plot. Please, comment and suggest titles. Don’t hesitate to say if you have more than one in mind


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