Lost Innocence


I see a car pass by me

carrying a dream that cannot be.

A world so near and yet so far

it fills my heart with hatred and fear.


Some say these are all visions,

Some say this will all end.

But I would rather perish with those dreams

than witness them kill it with their greedy hands.


A chill runs up my spine

when I wonder the day it will all be mine.

I know the day it will happen,

Rubbles and stones of the past as they lay together.


A day not far away

when civilized monsters will kill each other.

And then on their carcasses I will make,

A dream of mine that was once lived by them.


2 comments on “Lost Innocence

  1. johncoyote

    What are the pictures of. The poetry was very good. Photos showed a world turned upside down.

    • bhaskaryya

      The poetry is about a poor who envies the rich, so i thought of showing the contrast between the two. The poor staring right at the face of the rich

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