Life…Smile And Tears

I know that someday it would all end,

Through all the pain and misery, there would come out a way.

And for that now, I fight with all my might.

All I need is to make it through the night


Life is interesting. One moment we will be soaring in heights and the next we may find ourselves in a deep pit of depression. Everything is so temporary and fragile, yet filled with possibilities.

Each one of us is different in our own way, but as we go on in our life we lose ourselves. We act how people actually expect us to, we like something because other people like it too, not because we find anything in it. Teenagers start drinking not because they like the taste of beer, but it is because their friends drink and they don’t like to be left out.

Acting according to others expectation can be very dangerous. There’s always a lone kid sitting alone in the class, bullied by the others. Why don’t we go and talk to them, it’s because we fear that we won’t be accepted by others if we do that. Does it really matter if people think we are not good enough? Will you be able to let go of yourself just to gain a favorable eye of someone you barely know?

You know, everyone has got their own problems. When I look at the eyes of teenagers, I see pain locked inside them. Some have fights with their parents, some feel lonely, and some feel bad because people say they are ugly. But they don’t confine these problems to anyone; may be it is because they think no one can help them out, or may be it is because they have been turned down many times before. They put on a mask and move with their friends as if nothing’s wrong, as if they are happy. It’s in the night when they lie down on their bed and stare at the ceiling that we can see who they are, how fragile they really are, how scared they are. Reach out for help when you feel bad, tell people how you feel and I bet you will feel better, find friends who respect however you may be, because I know you are beautiful in your own way, we are meant to be different.

Don’t let the judgment of other’s change you. Look at yourself in the mirror and admire yourself for how god made you, admire that you get to be so different from others. Life’s full of ups and downs, at times you would feel happy and at times sad, but when you are in a bad phase keep in mind that this shall pass. If you feel unloved then keep in mind that someone is waiting, and the wait will be worth it when he or she comes.

Make yourself trust in people, even if people have tried to put you down in the past. Don’t be hard on yourself, let the tears fall when you feel sad and admit your fears. Forgive who have wronged you and move on with a smile on your face, a smile that you really mean


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