Need of Stricter Laws….or an open mind

On 16th of December, a para-medical student was brutally raped and then left to die on the chilly Delhi road, naked and broken. According to reports, she was out with her friend to watch the movie ‘Life of Pi’. The incident shook the whole nation out of its trance. People moved out of their homes to fight for justice, demanding stricter laws and capital punishment for the rapists. The protest cooled down when Congress complied with their demands and agreed to react immediately, though it seemed more of an act of defense on their part. All this while, the student fought for her life in the hospital. Doctors had to remove her intestines due to the impending infection. Initially, her condition seemed to improve a bit, but she faced a massive cardiac arrest that led to swelling of her brain,
finally resulting in multi-organ failure and her death. She died at Mount. Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore on 29th of December, after a hard-fought battle for life for thirteen days.
The days that followed saw people of all age groups moving onto the streets, paying respect to the woman who fought bravely, the one who reminded people of their mistakes. Fearful of the protest, Congress sealed the India Gate area, opposing to even silent protest. But some incidents can never be forgotten, I guess it was one of those. For the first time since independence, voices rang stronger than ever.
I felt the change, I knew India was at the verge of a major change. But I should have known, it was too quick for a conclusion. As time passed, pathetic comments flowed, women’s are at fault for rapes, saying that it is because of the westernization  How pathetic!! They are blaming it on western culture!! A small accident occurs and people rush to their aid in the west, yet in this case….the student had to wait for half an hour before somebody called the police and all along, not a single person came to their aid.

The problem lays within. From the start, girls are taught to do the household chores while guys enjoy a day of play. The problem of dowry has always been prominent in Northern India. So, in a way, the thoughts take a patriarchal turn from the beginning. Changing laws will help to punish the accused, it may reduce rape cases, but it will never uplift the condition of women. For that people need to change the way they think, need to understand that when India won Freedom, it was for both men and
women. Maybe then, there will be a change…..towards a better society.


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