Desi Stories

‘Desi Stories’ is the second novel of Anil C.S. Rao. He is also the writer of BRIGHT LIGHT, BIG BUDDHA, which was a finalist in the 2005 Fiction Warehouse Hypnologic Experiment Writing contest.  This novel is in three parts:  Manhattanvile, Y2K and Desi Stories.

Mahanttanville is the story of an India Engineer, Arun, who like many other Indian men has the dream to work for the city of New York in the capacity of an engineer.  The story is about his life in New York, his friends and the hard search for a girl. He came to U.S. when his father was able to get a United States Green card in 1960s. Now, he works in The Bus Depot Construction Site. Desperate to find a girl, he gives an advertisement at The Village Voice. Soon he gets a reply from a blonde, but they just have a night together and he realizes that this life is not for him. He becomes a lot less enthusiastic after that.  But some time later, his parents arrange his meeting with a girl in Mumbai and although he is not so interested in this, he flies to Mumbai.  There he meets Pooja for the first time, and falls for her. But when she moves to live with Arun, he finds that she is not the woman he had imagined her to be.

YSK, is the story of another engineer, Anand. He is graduate from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has a five membered team. Two of them were a pair of forty-year old women who only talked with computers. The rest of the story deals with his project and how he meets Kathy, and the pleasure she gives him in exchange. He is not able to forget his experience and comes back to her again. But things change with him, the rest is about the choices he makes.

The next part, Desi Stories is a collection of short stories.

This story is draggy at times (my first two attempts at starting the book ended with me falling asleep in the first fifteen minutes, need I say more!!). But later, the story engaged me a bit, though there was absence of any factors that glues the reader. His language is good, it would have been better had he expressed his characters more clearly, rather than stating the facts. Nevertheless, not better than the Bright Light, Big Buddha, but still a very good attempt. I hope he improves and next time comes up with something that will completely blow away his readers.

Author: Anil CS Rao.


ISBN-13: 9788182532465

ISBN-10: 8182532469

Published Year: 2011


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