On a Bicycle

DSC03007I had planned the day well, but it started off with a disaster. My alarm was supposed to go off at 5 in the morning. Lucky me! It went off at freaking 8’o clock.  After five minutes of hard thinking, I decided to give it a go.

In haste I packed the kit and was good to go in an hour, thanking God that I was at least sincere enough to get the bicycle checked the day before. It took me about half an hour to make it to the highway because of the traffic….and there lay NH-2, it’s a four lane and like many other Indian roads, sometimes we are lucky enough to find more cows there than cars. Anyway, this highway connects Calcutta to Dhanbad, the place where I study, so I guess I should keep my mouth shut about it 🙂

DSC03023The disastrous start was soon replaced by a wonderful feeling, the day was pretty hot for my liking but the wind kind of made up for that. All the way on both sides of the road you can find beautiful fields, mines, shops (thank God for these, otherwise I would have died out of thirst).

My first stop was at Nirsa about 20 km off where I started, it’s a small town, studded with dhabas for the trucks making long journey. Then there was Beraka about 12 km from there. The wind and terrain slowed me a bit, but I managed to make it there by late afternoon. My initial plan was to take the left turn into the town, but I had to stay in the highway for the lost two hours, so moved on for about six-seven kilometers and turned back.




the heat!!!

the heat!!!

Into the wilderness

Into the wilderness

a field near Nirsa

a field near Nirsa




Unfortunately, the initially planned 130 kilometers journey was cut down to 90 kilometers, but really enjoyed the day, kind of learned how to turn two hours of boredom to eight hours of fun, I am tired but nothing matches the peace. I am sure when exams end next month, I am going to complete the rest forty kilometers. And I am going to make sure this time that I wake up at five 🙂


Finally, back to room

Finally, back to room



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