Review of ‘Zombified’

Lyra McKen has aptly chosen a title that tells the reader what he or she should expect when starting it- zombies, walking dead, ripping flesh off living people.

The first chapter introduces us to the world of Cassie, an innocent school girl. It was like any other day, only when school ended, the principal announced for them to be inside their classroom and lock the rooms. Soon, the school would be attacked by the zombies and when Cassie gets bitten, she gets transformed into the thing that she hates.

First, let me tell you about the things that I like about this book.

I like the way she has managed to keep up the suspense, keep the reader hanging at the end of each chapter. Who would put down a book if the chapter ends like this-

He was gone for a little while over ten minutes when a shrill cry pierced the air. The three of us looked briefly at each other, before we all took off running to the gas station. Trend had put a pistol out of the glove box that I was unaware that he had. I caught glimmer of it as he ran in front of me, and realized we didn’t know what we were running into. I recognized it as a forty five; Dad had always carried one with him. The scream came again, louder, and caused us to quicken our pace.’

However, it would have been much better if not for the prologue. It’s always better not to know what finally happens to the protagonist.

Besides this, I found it refreshing that she chose to write from the point of view of a simple girl getting transformed into a zombie. It really is a change from the movies we have seen gazillion times.

But the best thing about the book is that she kept is compact and fast paced. I have found many authors just filling in the pages, mostly with trash. It’s good that she was confident enough to write just how much was needed, and being a debut author it is really appreciable.

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Now, about the story, it had a lot of plot holes and the writing was a bit off at some parts of the book. Besides, the beginning set me off, it was full of clichés. I felt as if she was just describing the movies she had seen- running away from zombies in a truck, the search for a cure. Like this:

‘The next few hours we spent talking about the zombie movies we had watched. Having made a pile of weapons consisting of two by fours, a nail gun, and some other odds and ends, we felt a little safer.’

I can’t blame her on this point though. Hollywood has been skimming off money because of zombies for years now, and there is hardly anything more to be said. And it would be not at all fair to expect the writer to transform herself into a zombie so that she would have a first hand experience to write about 🙂

Keeping these small points aside, I would say that it is a fun one-time read. If you want to lie down after a tough day at work and have something light to read, this would serve you well.

Author: Lyra Mcken

Pages: 114 pages

Publisher: Grimoire Press

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0615766080

ISBN-13: 978-0615766089



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