Review of ‘A Salesman’s Lessons’


What is the ground reality for a Salesman? Do the various laws, theories, hypotheses, anecdotes and sayings of science, mathematics, literature, engineering, management, history in fact, everything that we painstakingly read and absorb in order to gain our college degrees before we start working, equip us for field situations when we actually go into the all too real world of Sales? Can we really use the academic learning we struggled with and paid so much for, to sell better? Are there certain factors (which do not appear in the pages of any college or business school text), that are crucial to success in Sales? In an engaging narrative based on his own 15 years in the field, the Author explores the answers to just these questions. The book is light reading and fun but the lessons it contains are both down to earth and serious. This is not a self help book to make you a Sales champion, but if you do pick up a few tips along the way, then that is a double whammy!



As the title suggests, the book is all about getting better sales and how to work towards it. The author here has efficiently used all kinds of theories from almost every field to prove his point. The thing that I liked most about the book is that here the author cultivates all his experience as a salesman and uses it to come to his conclusions, which makes this book simple yet quite interesting. And because of it, while reading the book you get convinced of his theories. Also,about his narration, it was simple and logical, and the way he gradually moves from explaining it in normal sense to explaining it in salesmen’s terms is quite appreciable.

All in all, a good read it is.



Author: C.R.Jena

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing.

Genre: Non-Fiction.

Pages: 210

ISBN-13: 9789381576441

ISBN-10: 9381576440

Stars: 4/5



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