Review of ‘Marry Go Round’

The author, Saadiqa Peerbhoy, has kind of made us aware with the title what we can expect from the novel, and as I carried on with the reading, I found the story to be just that. Stereotyped. The story is about a determined mother using balant emotional blackmail into a marriage with the right sort of desi girl; a reluctant groom with a live-in girlfriend following him all the way to India; a bride on rebound from a disastrous liason with a married man; skeletons raring in old family cupboards; an aunt on the vengeance trial- and we have a heady cocktail of an arranged wedding that morphs into a love marriage with quite the wrong possible girl….with a tactical help from a long-dead ancestor.

Now about the story, the plot is old. Some of the scenes absolutely made no sense, like a  guy being hooked to a girl named Sana for so long ; he is so smitten with her that he even fights with his mother for her (which dramatically gives her a heart attack!) and suddenly while waiting in the hospital, he meets a pretty doctor and decides that she is the girl of his dreams. But even then, I liked  the way the author has described the scenes, keeping them entertaining and filled with humor, making you laugh because of the simplicity of it all.


About the writing, it was good. Very distinguished indeed. I particularly liked the usage of her regional language. The lightness and the dark humor attached to her writing is also very entertaining.

A light and a good read, it would make you smile.

Publisher:  Leadstart Publishing

Pages: 224

Published in: 2013.

ISBN: 9789382473268

Stars: 3.5/5


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