The Unwanted Shadow…

“There are a few things that even the best of best human beings crave-revenge and redemption. Lucky for me, both meant the same thing.

-The Unwanted Shadow.

It is quiet as I write this, the corridors are empty, and bored though I am, I think it is the right time to write before the hustle starts again. It has been quite a day at my end- classes, classes and more classes. But the knowledge soothes me that the day after tomorrow, I would be able to shed off all the tiredness that has been growing since Monday. Well yes, I am tired to death. So much to do- editing, classes, books to review and assignments, how can I forget them.

But of course, there are two sides of a coin. Promotions of the novel has just begun a couple of days before and I am thrilled watching it all. I am very hopeful and looking forward to the rush and excitement of it. The story begins in my hometown, a small town in eastern India, where a boy with ordinary means dreams to escape the shackles that tie him to a life of paucity.  A dark tale of love, loss, betrayal……and redemption, the story is studded with twists and turns, and more importantly is attributed with a narration that came most naturally to me. And this fact makes me happy.

I hope you will like it.

The cover page will be unveiled tomorrow. Do stay connected. Need your love and support 🙂

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