The story of the Mahabharata has been told over and over again, the Kauravas have been cursed, while the Pandavas glorified. This fact, this viewpoint, has been instilled so early in us that it doesn’t even occur to us to question the sanctity of the information. To question that there maybe two sides of the story.


With great maturity Anand Neelakantan brings out the untold story. The story begins with Bhimsa in the palace of Gandhara, and progresses in a slow albeit relishing pace. As the book goes on, you would be left aghast at how much things can change changing the narration of the story. The once worshiped Pandavas, the cherished ones, appear no more than narrow-minded and mean in this book. Bhima, who has gained sympathy for being attacked by Duryodhana, appears more as a bully. The book is full of revelations like this- one after another, and then another, till you question yourselves who really are the Devas that we worship. Are they the same who have always believed in the caste system, that some of us are not meant to be touched?

Ajaya Book Launch

The story is wonderfully done, and the facts were spot on, and to collect them I am sure was one of the most arduous thing for the author. The writing too, I found much better than his previous book. The descriptions were vivid, ignoring a few times when it became a bit stale.

Heroes become villains, and villains turn to heroes. A captivating plot. Wonderful read.

Author: Anand Neelakantan.

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing.

ISBN 13: 9789381576038

Genre: Fiction.

Rating: 4/5



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