There’s more to mankind than recklessness. Review of ‘The Prophecy of Trivine’

“God created man in his own image;

in the image of God he created him;

male and female he created them.”


The Prophecy of Trivine

Let me start with the things that I like about this book.

  1. Suspense: I liked the way the authors have managed to maintain suspense in the scenes. Their writing style, augmented by the way they built up suspense to keep the reader hanging at the end of each chapter, is quite commendable.
  2. Story: The story is different, a good different I mean. At least much better than the cliché that I have read in the last few months. Although, some parts in the middle section reminded me a bit of some previous science fictions, but still, the idea otherwise, felt authentic and unique.
  3. Writing: The novel is studded with some very good pieces of writing, simple though. Besides, the best thing is that the writers kept the story going on, in spite of the vivid descriptions. That’s something, I think, most writers struggle with, or more often, something they forget to do.

The night fell down. The flames grew up… Every now and then a young flame would erupt from the midst of the bonfire and score a new height in its own realm. And higher and higher the flame grew, without any fear or regret. The fear established herself against the darkness and waged a war against the night. A war whose outcome was pre-decided against her. But still she fought. For she was so young and so aggressive.

But so was the night.”

This novel is the story of three men, whose destinies seem to be entwined with each other more than they realize. The story runs smoothly, starting off with Phil, a college student, escaping from police, who has been falsely accused of being a terrorist. And then moves on to the story of Siv, a scientist in the woods, trying to make the most important discovery so far. And then finally to Arty, the character I loved the most, the mysterious one, the artist. The best thing about the book is the characters; they are believable, and the dialogues were quite nice and realistic too.

The beginning of the story was good, and thrilling. And the story was carried on well.  Maybe it was because of the rising anticipation that the ending seemed so stale to me. Also, the effect that the authors seemed trying to induce at the end introducing Arty’s story didn’t happen. The details seemed forced, and unnecessary. Perhaps, dropping the bomb at the end wasn’t so wise, without giving a hint along the whole story.And the book needed another round of detailed editing.


Authors: Srivatsan Sridharan, Pulkit Gupta, Tnahsin Garg.

Publisher: Good Times Books,

ISBN: 9380619707.

No. of Pages: 264.

Genre: Science Fiction.

Rating: 3/5.




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