‘The Sour Faced Moon’ is a story oscillating between the families of Imroz Agha Khan, who resents his prosperous Afghan forefathers and his perennial outsider status in his own homeland and Danielle Anderson, who returns to seek refuge in the truth and dreams she had so abruptly fled from twelve years ago.
A story spanning three generations with malleability of rules as people try to break bondage they have created all on their own.

Rohini Lall’s language is simple and descriptive. With an amazing ability to build up a scene to a curiosity-ladded serene point, and end it with an elegant touch, her writing comes with a good flow, which makes the book hard to put down.
The book is studded with many nicely written paras; paras, which are real and brings out the characters rather eloquently.
“Back in the same room, Danielle stood in front of the mirror. Who was it facing her? She wondered. Closing her eyes, she tried to summon up that girl who had stood in front of the mirror to look into her future. Where had she lost herself?”
“Halfway through the stairs, Imroz said, “Baba refused his cataract operation for the sixth time this year.” He paused, stopping to look at her. He laughed and descended two more steps. His laughter had grown in years too, noticed Danielle. It was heavier now, measured too, a little rationed as opposed to his easy candour. He had become more muscular, broader than the boy who had stood waving at her till the car had disappeared around the bend.

The best thing I like about the book is how deep the author moves with the characters. I loved the level of introspection that her writing contains. The book moves on swiftly, describing more, answering questions, style of writing perfectly augmenting the story.

For me, it was a good read. I may not have liked the story as much, but I sure do like the way she has written it.


Author: Rohini Lall.

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing.


ISBN-10: 9383562307

Rating: 3.5/5



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