Depressed by his love life and horrible turn that his professional career has taken, Kabir decides to end his life jumping off the rooftop of his office. But something inexplicable happens, and he ends up discovering that he has superpowers. Foolishly encouraged by his new found abilities, he starts using his power to get even with his boss, win back his colleague Nat’s love, help people. All he wants to be is an admired superhero.
But just when he thinks he has a hang of it, he runs into the Devil- a manic ringleader of kidnappers- who clearly is more than a match for him.
And as he stares at the barrel of the gun that the Devil has pointed at his head, he realizes how terribly inappropriate being a superhero is.






The story is unique, I would give the author that. And some parts of the novel are hilarious and natural. Like the way the protagonist feels when he comes to know that he has superpowers, the way he deals with it in the beginning. The story is a refreshing change, and urges you to complete it  at one go. However, some events and scenes, rather than augmenting the story, seem too dramatic. Superhero stuff is fine, but the most important thing is that the characters should be believable. The author should have dug deep into the characters, and tried to bring out both sides of a person.  He has gone way too far with some characters- like Aadesh (No normal person can be that evil).

The language of the novel is straight-forward and inanimate, but thankfully, it successfully manages to perk up interest in scenes where it should. However, the innuendoes about staring at girls, and scenes depicting Kabir’s yearning towards Nat don’t seem too mature. He should have written those scenes in a candid way.


Author: Nizam Ahmed.


ISBN: 9383952008.

Pages: 255.

Rating: 3




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